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Not to Spoil the Ending, but Everything is Going to be OK

Hi there and welcome!!! I'm new to this, so I'm extremely excited that you are starting at the beginning of this journey with me. Are you someone that has never looked at ingredients or thought about what you are eating? Or maybe you try to eat healthier food, but still struggle with where to really begin? Let me help you! I absolutely LOVE helping people transition to eating real food.

What is real food? The way I look at it, it's food the way we were meant to eat them. From the Earth, as free from chemicals as possible, and those that our bodies know how to process. So, I'll say real food, organic food, clean food...whatever you want to call it. Quality meats, vegetables, fruits...

I DO NOT want you to get anxious, worried, or stressed over any of this. Thus, the title of this post. It's a change, and yes, change can be hard. However, I promise you that you will FEEL so much better. You probably have aches, pains, weird little things that you don't even realize are caused by your diet.

Just remember, I am not a Doctor, Dietician, Nutritionist...I'm a Systems Analyst. I've eaten this way for years and have learned a ton a long the way, and continue to learn each and every day. I just want to help you in any way that I can, and it's all totally free.

Oh, and let's grow together spiritually and start loving ourselves! One of my favorite affirmations is "It's Good to Feel Good!"

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