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Where Do I Shop?

Here is my rundown, I'm sure I've missed some things. Obviously I don't shop at all of these places every single week. I also know there are other stores, such as Aldis, that I need to check out to see if I can find better prices for things I already buy.

I try to get the majority of my beef and pork from Market Wagon. It's basically an online Farmer's Market and I like supporting local farmers. 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured eggs, raw local honey, vanilla extract, and Whole Cell bread are what I primarily buy here. Orders are due by midnight on Tuesdays and I pick up from a local store on Thursdays between around 1 and 6.

I stock up on a TON here. Sometimes they no longer carry products or they'll add new ones I like. Here is a general list of what I get (as I mentally go through the store):

Organic brussel sprouts

Organic squash mix (zucchini and yellow squash)

Organic romaine lettuce

Organic ground turkey (comes in 3, 1lb packages)

Organic chicken breasts (I prefer when they have them frozen)

Teton Polish Sausages

Avocado cups

Kerrygold butter

Any dairy free dips

Paper towels

Toilet paper

La Croix

Trash bags

100% grass-fed beef patties (frozen)

Chicken wraps (these are not Paleo or the healthiest, but the kids like them...balance)

Jones sausage patties (frozen)

Jones chicken sausages (frozen)

Organic strawberries (frozen)

Organic blueberries (frozen)

Organic cauliflower rice (comes in 5, 1 lb packages frozen)

Organic broccoli florets (frozen)

Wild caught shrimp (frozen)

Organic apple cider vinegar

Organic maple syrup

Organic coconut oil

Avocado oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic peanut butter

Almond flour

Chosen Foods avocado spray

Sir Kinsington mayonaisse

Simple Mills crackers


Paleo beef sticks

Cheese sticks

Epsom salt

Z Bars

Organic raw cashews

Rao marinara sauce

Safe Catch tuna

Annie's Organic Cinnamon Rolls (for when the kids have sleep overs)

There are so many more organic and clean options as well. I truly think a Costco membership helps a ton for eating clean.

Pay Less (Kroger) is where I get the majority of my vegetables, mostly organic. I'll also get spices, fresh herbs, snacks for the kids, Boiron products, organic orange juice, organic tomato paste, etc. I've thought about switching to Meijer, but you know how it is when you are used to one store. They do keep adding new items and I just saw where they now carry some Siete products!

Fresh Thyme is where I get pretty much everything else. I get organic chicken tenders (raw) here when they have them, Applegate hot dogs, sometimes 100% grass-fed meat if I couldn't find it on Market Wagon. I get Japanese yams here and any other produce Pay Less was out of. Also, anything I cannot find anywhere else like Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese, frozen hashbrowns (only ingredient is organic potatoes), Boulder Canyon avocado oil chips, Siete chips, Boiron products, anything on sale or a new product that catches my eye.

Here I'll get Teton 100% grass-fed sausages (because I eat Mary's Whole Life's sausage sheet pan meal at least once a week). I haven't been able to find these anywhere else. If Pay Less was out of organic frozen broccoli florets, I'll get them here because they are expensive at Fresh Thyme. Yes, I get them at Costco, but those are bigger florets I prefer for the sheet pan meals. I get these smaller bags for my breakfast.

I love Vitacost because it isn't a yearly prescription (I already do that with Costco and Amazon Prime) and shipping is free if you spend over $50. I almost always REFUSE to pay shipping on anything. At Vitacost I get my sprouted pumpkin seed butter, Artisan coconut butter, Nutiva coconut flour, tapioca flour, Simple Mills products I cannot find anywhere else (like their brownie mix), Siete products, coconut aminos, almost all of my vitamins (I prefer the Pure Encapsulation brand), Method hand soap and dish soap, Method body wash for the kids, laundry detergent, ghee if it's cheaper than Fresh Thyme, etc. You can shop by all different ways. I will often search by Paleo diet to see what new products are out there. Their prices are usually good, but I'll always check against Amazon.

Pretty much anything I can't find from the stores above or if the price is better. If you have Prime, you can get Prime Pantry orders with free shipping if you spend over $35. I also do their Subscribe & Save for items such as Vital Proteins collagen powder, Acure face wash, Zevias etc.

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