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Supplements and Vitamins

We are all different and all have different needs. A supplement I might take, may not be right for you or not needed. Here are the main ones I take.

1. Multivitamin (I use Pure Encapsulations UltraNutrient)

2. Vitamin D3 (especially here in the midwest, we just cannot get enough from sunshine alone). I use Pure Encapsulations, as this is a brand I trust.

3. Fish Oil (I like the Nordic Naturals brand).

4. Probiotics - I try to switch mine up every few months to get different strains. There are various options out there with different strains, # of strains, how many billions of CFUs, etc. I cannot tell you which one you need. I switch between these:

Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete

Innate Flora 20-14


Davinci Laboratories - Mega Probiotic ND 50

Remember that anything fermented like sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt also have probiotics in them.

I also take glutamine daily. Glutamine is great for the gut and muscle repair. I also take BCAAs after working out. Lastly, I also take CBD oil. These are all the main ones I routinely take. I may take others at times, but I honestly try to not get caught up on taking a ton of supplements. I should get most of what I need from the foods I eat.

Just as with food, pay close attention to the ingredients. There are so many bad supplements out there. Stick with trusted brands.

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