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Natural Deodorants

So what's the big deal about aluminum in deodorant? This is a controversial subject, so believe what you will. In the "natural" community the belief is that aluminum and antiperspirants clog your sweat ducts which allows toxins to build up. Your armpits are near your breasts and this could possibly lead to breast cancer. The major concern overall being that aluminum deodorants do not allow for natural toxin release.

When you switch to aluminum free deodorants, you will notice that you sweat more. My opinion is that this is natural and something I want to allow to happen within my body. I've tried MANY natural deodorants over the years and below is what I've found works for me. Do an armpit detox prior to switching. You can see how to do that and more reasons aluminum deodorants are not ideal here:

#1 - I have to use the sensitive skin version or a natural deodorant without baking soda. Whenever I've tried using a natural deodorant with baking soda, my armpits break out in horribly painful rash. If you do not have this problem, be thankful because I believe the ones with baking soda do keep you dryer than those without.

#2 - I have to use one with some sort of powder in it, like arrowroot. Deodorants that are more of a gel consistency make my armpits mad too, especially after shaving.

#3 - The magnesium sprays do not work for me either and burn.

The above may not hold true for you and I hope that is the case! Yes, I've also tried making my own deodorant and thank goodness there are so many options our there now. I will say that the longer you use natural, the less you do sweat, so don't give up at first. Here are the brands/deodorants that do work for me. I try to switch brands/scents as to not develop a rash.

Schmidt's - this one is probably my favorite. They have sensitive skin options and I can often find them at Marshall's or TJ Maxx for around $5. I've seen them at Meijer and Target as well.

Pretty Frank - formerly known as Primal Pit Paste. I like that they offer free shipping (I dislike paying shipping) and they offer a variety of different deodorant types.

Native - lots of different scents and sensitive options. Target carries this brand.

Honestly pHresh - I recently discovered this brand at Fresh Thyme. It's cheaper than the ones above and has worked pretty well. I will say that during my workouts, I've noticed it not keeping up like the ones above.

Every Man Jack - My kids (yes, even my daughter) use this one and it works very well. I originally had my daughter use Native, but let's just say it wasn't strong enough for her. I switched her to this one and no more issues. I tried this one and since it is more of a gel base, I noticed burning almost immediately (damn my sensitive armpits). You can find this brand pretty much anywhere these days which is a definite bonus as well.

There are TONS of brands out there. I've heard great things about Primally Pure as well, but I have not personally tried this one yet. Let me know if you use a natural deodorant that works well!

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